Standing out from the crowd…

It’s THE most important thing for your business.

If you do like everyone else… it may be complicated…

Capturing the attention of people on social media is now difficult, it’s a challenge.

You only have 3 seconds to convince one person to stay and watch your video. 3 seconds… that’s too little…

So if you don’t go straight to the point and don’t stand out, your video may end in failure…

You will have lost time and money…

But no worries, we have THE solution for you!    


Creativity + Magic + Color + Fun + Storytelling = Attention + Emotion

–>The winning combination for an effective and impactful video.




Stand out from your competitors with stop-motion.

Unlike a classic video it is much less used by people. Nowadays, it’s not easy to stand out on the web among the endless flux of videos.

One way to do this is to get creative! That’s what stop-motion allows you to do! Let your imagination go wild ! Stop-Motion brings magic to the viewer. They will be fascinated and the message will be better absorbed.


Using Stop-Motion in your communication strategy is the high-level of creativity.

It sends a positive signal to your audience. A creative company is a society that is full of life that you can trust. Regularly integrating stop-motion in its communication allows the company to show its identity, to be identifiable as fast as possible.


Take your viewers into the universe you want. Grab their attention.

You can create a world from scratch, dark and sad, or colorful and happy : everything is possible. A stop-motion video is a video that is remembered ! A customer buys with his emotions.

A prospect will be more inclined to choose your brand if you have touched his feelings and impacted him in the past.


A stop-motion video is colorful, dynamic and creative. These videos tend to be shared more, generate interest, comments. It is a type of video that is remembered and can be easily shared with friends and colleagues.




Here is the creation process step-by-step


  • Choose your package
  • Fill in the form
  • Book your call with us
  • Payment of the deposit and the start of your project


  • Idea and video script
  • You check and validate
  • Prop/characters/Set creation


  • Selection of a shooting day
  • Shooting


  • Video editing
  • Music and sound design
  • Color grading/subtitles/voice over ...


  • You will receive a first version of the video once it’s fully edited
  • We'll wait for your feedback
  • Changes if needed


  • You'll have the final video
  • Ready for publishing !
  • Assistance in the broadcast strategy if needed




Do you have an audio-visual project, a video idea ? Let’s work together !


Questions fréquemment posées

Yes, this technique can be used to showcase your products, tell a story about your company and/or services in a fun and engaging way.

It just takes a touch of imagination and creativity to open your video to a magical world, which would be more complicated with a classic video.

The key to selling is to create an emotional connection with the consumer, stop-motion is perfect for that!

  • 5 seconds: presenting 1 product, a key message, a simple unboxing, a small product range.
  • 15 seconds: presenting several products, a service, a simple concept, a detailed unboxing, a quick tutorial, a product range in detail.
  • 30 seconds: presenting your company, products, services, create a complete scenario, explain a complex concept, a detailed process, a long tutorial or long explanation.


No worries, if you want 8 seconds, for example, you can add them in the options, as well.

Of course we do ! We offer a sliding scale of charges starting with the second video.

You also have the option of choosing a monthly subscription, so you can create a real identity for your brand.

No worries ! You will be able to change them during our exchange with the “Add or remove” options.

These prices are also set to give you an idea, in a full transparency, of what the video will look like in terms of investment.

It’s okay, we completely understand your opinion here !

When you look at the final video, it can be difficult to imagine the amount of time we’ve put on it. For example, a 10-second video can take several days or even weeks of work.

A video is not just a sequence of images. There is a whole lot of work of preparation and creation: brief, reflexion section to be able to determine the right idea that will get the message across, script, storyboard, preparation of the set, elements, setting up the scene, managing the lights, animating the elements, managing the colors, adding music and sound effects, voiceover, texts, subtitles, etc.

Moreover, stop-motion is a style of video that requires a lot of time for its animation. It can take up to days of shooting for only a few seconds of video.

Stop-motion and its originality require time. To be able to stand out from the crowd, it’s essential to bring in styles that are different from what we usually see. This is what stop-motion is about.

Video should not be seen as a cost, but rather as an investment. Video is a tool that allows a high return on investment.

The best way is to post it on various platforms by choosing the appropriate formats.

It’s possible to make the video in different formats (square, portrait, full screen, 4×5).

It’s also possible to divide a 15 seconds video (for the website) into 3 videos of 5 seconds (for social media).

We can also send you fixed images that we have taken during the shoot, so you will have an additional content.

It’s not a problem at all ! That’s our job and we’re here for it !

Just fill out the form and tell us more about your products, the type of message you want to get across and the purpose of your video.

Then we will determine the ideas and make our magic !

It depends on your order (type of video) and its complexity.

We always try to meet the deadline, which is a maximum of 30 days from the day of the invoice. Everything will be discussed in advance during our call, depending on the urgency or not.

Our services are not only about stop-motion videos.

We provide live action videos and photographs and also, we offer assistance for an efficient communication strategy, as well as for the distribution of the video.


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